A Powerful Recovery & Endurance Aid for Athletes

A Powerful Recovery & Endurance Aid for Athletes

The same micronutrient that gives salmon its pink colour also happens to be an ally in muscle health and recovery. How do salmon perform one of nature’s most impressive feats and swim hundreds of miles upstream? Science is starting to show that it likely has to do with their astaxanthin-heavy diets.

Workouts produce free radicals - which result in sore muscles

Mitochondria are the powerhouses in your muscle tissue that produce up to 95% of the body’s energy. Unfortunately, this energy production has a side effect – free radicals, which left unchecked lead to damaging oxidation and inflammation. The harder you workout, the more free radicals you produce, resulting in tired and sore muscles. 

Fortunately, astaxanthin targets the mitochondria, working to minimize the impact of these free radicals, thus helping to speed up recovery.

Studies with elite athletes find improved recovery 

In a  2011 human trial with elite-level cyclists, the group taking astaxanthin showed significant improvements in their cycling time trials (+5%) when compared to the control group without astaxanthin. In addition, astaxanthin supplementation led to increased power output (+15%) over the control group. 

In  another human trial involving soccer players, intense training was associated with an increase in free radicals and oxidative stress. Supplementation with astaxanthin prevented free radical production and depletion of antioxidants. In a  third trial, soccer players taking astaxanthin showed an increased mucosal immune response, reduced muscle damage and lower inflammation caused by intense physical exercise.

Regenurex users notice an "endless well of energy" and recovery 

Regenurex users, many of which are recreational and high-performance athletes, back this growing body of research as they experience improved endurance, energy, and power, as well as accelerated muscle recovery and regeneration.

Take, for example, the marvelous review Jana R. of Stirling, Ontario left us:

47-yr old happy legs
Just did an unexpected group workout that included over 200 squats in an hour, some with weights. I don't do squats. No WAY could I have walked the next 3 days if I hadn't been taking Regenurex for the last year. I knew enhanced muscle recovery was one of the several side effects I've enjoyed all along, but that recent (excessive) workout re-confirmed it's still working for me. Thanks, Regenurex! My coworkers are certainly are interested.


In conclusion, anecdotal reports from our users and science all point towards astaxanthin as a promising addition to an active person's daily regimen.


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