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astaxanthin 30 day challenge

Take the Regenurex 30-Day Challenge!

It’s simple and completely risk-free! Here’s how it works:

1. Purchase one bottle of Regenurex today and use the code “30daychallenge” at checkout. This will also give you free shipping on your first purchase. At the same time, write down your top one or two physical ailments, such as joint pain, muscle pain, poor vision quality, mental fog and poor skin health. (This step is important!)
2. Take 4 mg each day for the first two days. Then, gradually increase to 12 mg daily by the end of the first week. After two weeks, you can bump it up to 16 - 24 mg* per day. To ensure full absorption, take with healthy oils or fats at breakfast and lunch. Continue for 30 days 
3. Fill out the review once prompted from Yotpo Reviews and be sure to include #30daychallenge in the body of the review.
4. Place your second order using this discount code "30daychallengeGIFT". As a thank you, when you order 3 bottles, your 3rd bottle will be free.**
How do I know if the dosage is too high? Astaxanthin is a very powerful antioxidant, so it takes the body some time to get used to its presence. You'll know that not all the Astaxanthin is being absorbed when your stool turns slightly orange. In that case, make sure that you are taking Regenurex with healthy oils or fats (just a glass of water won't do, as Astaxanthin is fat-soluble!), or lower the dosage a little. You can always dial up the dosage again in the coming weeks or months. 
** Conditions: This offer only applies to customers who are making their second order. Please enter the code in the coupon box at the Shopping Cart (not at the Checkout). Customers must have an account and be logged in to use this offer.

Take the 30-Day challenge, risk free!


Why Your Body Degrades As You Age

Inflammation is more than swollen tissue from a bump or bruise. It can also mean chronic inflammation that prevents your body from healing itself.

This chronic inflammation comes from the thousands of biological functions that occur every second inside your cells. These functions produce waste material called free radicals. Free radicals can linger in the body, attach to cells, and cause oxidative stress.

Oxidative stress, in turn, leads to inflammation.

Over time, your cells will suffer and become impaired. And as a result, you start to feel the aches and pains that are associated with aging.

You notice your skin looking older. Your eyes strain to focus. You draw a blank on names and dates … and you feel less sharp. 

The damage might be subtle at first. But prolonged inflammation can cause a host of nasty ailments like:

  • Heart disease
  • High blood pressure
  • Brain fog and memory issues
  • Joint pain
  • Vision problems
  • Skin damage
  • And many more.

As the name suggests, inflammation is like a wildfire in your cells. And it can spread like wildfire too.


Astaxanthin Douses Inflammation Across the Entire Cell

Antioxidants are one way of reducing oxidative stress and combatting inflammation. And they do it by neutralizing and removing free radicals from cells.

Your cells are made up of two layers, with a water-loving interior membrane and a fat-loving exterior membrane. Free radicals attach themselves to both membranes, and this causes inflammation.

Antioxidants can neutralize or remove the free radicals. But there’s a catch: not all antioxidants can remove all free radicals!

Vitamin C, for example, is a water-soluble antioxidant. It can extinguish “flames” on your cell’s outside membrane layer. But it can’t get to the inside membrane layer to extinguish interior inflammation.

Beta carotene is a fat-soluble antioxidant. It can douse flames on your cell’s inside membrane layer. But it can’t get to the outside membrane layer to extinguish inflammation.

In contrast, astaxanthin’s unique cell structure allows it to latch onto both cell membrane layers, extinguishing inflammation across the entire cell!


In effect, astaxanthin extinguishes the fires and then adds “fire retardant” layers to the inside and outside of the cell membranes—preventing free radicals from attaching and causing damage!

Even more incredibly, astaxanthin works with other antioxidants around the cell to better remove excess free radicals! Most antioxidants are depleted after neutralizing free radicals, but astaxanthin has a surplus of electrons. The hard-working astaxanthin can restore spent antioxidants like Vitamin C and continue to remove free radicals!

Take the 30-Day challenge, risk free!


Astaxanthin and Physical Health

So what does this removal of free radicals and dousing of inflammation mean for you in the here and now?

Well, you may find you have more energy, less muscle stiffness, less joint pain and a more youthful appearance!

But how can one supplement have such a wide-ranging effect? It’s because of how astaxanthin supports your cells’ mitochondria.

Mitochondria are the powerhouses of cells. They produce the body’s energy. But when chronic inflammation is present, it negatively impacts your mitochondria, slowing down energy production.

When astaxanthin reduces inflammation, it amplifies your mitochondria’s energy production.1 As a result, you feel younger and more energetic. You might start enjoying your favourite activities from years’ past, like basketball, tennis, hiking and gardening!


Astaxanthin and Your Vision

Astaxanthin is also unique among antioxidants because it can cross the blood-retinal barrier. This allows astaxanthin to shield your eye from inflammation, helping you preserve your vision as you age. What’s more, astaxanthin can also reduce eye strain and fatigue, easing the visual load on the eye’s lens.2 This helps you see clearer and sharper images, no matter what your age.


Astaxanthin and Your Mental Health

Astaxanthin can also cross the blood-brain barrier, shielding your brain from inflammatory-induced memory loss and age-related shrinking. As a result, your mind can stay sharp and confident instead of forgetful and frustrated.

Take the 30-Day challenge, risk free!


What is Astaxanthin?

One of the many wonderful things about astaxanthin is that it’s a whole, natural substance that’s been around forever. It’s not some weird Franken-food that scientists cooked up in a laboratory.

Astaxanthin (pronounced: asta-zan-thin) is a red fat-soluble pigment (known as a carotenoid) that’s naturally found in microalgae. It’s also found in marine animals that eat microalgae, such as wild salmon and shrimp. It’s what gives some animals their natural pink colour, such as lobsters and flamingos.

Astaxanthin also happens to be one of the most powerful antioxidants on the planet!

Microalgae naturally generate astaxanthin in response to stress conditions, such as intense heat and UV rays, to remove free radicals. It helps to protect the cell.

You can use astaxanthin just like the algae does—to protect yourself  from stress conditions. Because it’s these stress conditions that lie at the root of aging and inflammation.

The problem is, our bodies don’t make astaxanthin. And you probably don’t want to drink mouthfuls of pond algae to get it.

Thankfully, you don’t have to. Because we’ve found a way to capture and preserve all the goodness of astaxanthin in an easy-to-take supplement. 

Take the 30-Day challenge, risk free!


Not All Forms of Astaxanthin Are Equal

Not all astaxanthin is made equal. In fact, under 1% of the supplemental astaxanthin market comes from organic whole algae.3

That makes sense, considering the dramatically lower costs of producing synthetic (fake) astaxanthin.

But even if the savings are passed on to you, is synthetic astaxanthin the better choice? Well, researchers looked into that and found the unsettling truth: synthetic astaxanthin has 20 times less free radical fighting ability than natural astaxanthin.4 Worse, researchers can’t confirm whether synthetic astaxanthin is even safe for human consumption in the first place!

So if you want to get the anti-inflammatory, anti-aging benefits of astaxanthin, it’s best to look for the natural variety. And, the most complete, potent natural astaxanthin around.


Regenurex Uses a Natural Extraction Process

Regenurex’s astaxanthin is made from a strain of green algae grown in pristine spring water in beautiful British Columbia, Canada.

Why is our astaxanthin so potent? It’s largely because of our extraction process. We use a natural extraction process that harvests astaxanthin from the whole algae, delivering a higher quality, more natural and more potent product than most other brands. Many other brands use cheaper extraction process that can include:  

  • Dehydration
  • High heat
  • Harsh chemicals
  • Carbon dioxide
  • GMOs.

As you might suspect, these processes negatively impact product quality and potency.

We like to say that the difference between our natural extraction method and the methods of many competitors is akin to comparing fresh squeezed orange juice to orange juice from concentrate. When it comes to food and supplements, we think alive and natural is better than dehydrated and chemical!

Additionally, Regenurex is produced in a controlled facility with clean, proprietary photobioreactors (PBRs). These PBRs control the conditions under which the algae grow, ensuring a safe and pure product. We do not grow our algae in open pond environments where undesirable elements may get accidentally introduced.

As a result of our careful and controlled cultivation and extraction processes, we can produce a superior astaxanthin supplement.

Additionally, each Regenurex astaxanthin softgel is:

  • Small and easy to swallow
  • Practically odour and taste-free
  • Easy on the stomach (i.e. no digestive issues)
  • Proven not to repeat (i.e. no nasty burps after taking)
  • Side-effect free.

Take the 30-Day challenge, risk free!


What Our Customers Say

Many of our customers report excellent results after taking astaxanthin, even after only 30 days!

Richard Van Slyke took Regenurex astaxanthin for a few weeks:

“I feel like a new person at 63 years of age!”

Doug Gayton noticed a difference in his vision. One day he found he could read all the Jeopardy clues on TV without straining his eyes. His eye exam confirmed the improvement. His optometrist described it as:

“… a dramatic change. It’s significant by a factor of two or three! You’ve got the eyes of a 42 year old. Not bad for a guy who’s 65!

Sandra M., a registered holistic nutritionist in Vancouver, also reported excellent results:

The effects have been astounding: less need for my glasses, easier running with little or no joint pain, clear thinking and incredible supply of energy for my busy and thriving practice.



Take the 30-Day challenge, risk free!


The Regenurex Double Guarantee

If you take Regenurex for 30 days and don’t have a clear improvement in the ailments you listed, simply tell us and we’ll refund you in full!

You can even take another 30 days to “think it over” and see if Regenurex does what I claim.

If you don’t like Regenurex astaxanthin for any reason—or no reason—simply tell us and we’ll refund your purchase. No hassles. No exceptions.


Are You Ready to Turn Back Time?

Most people accept aches, pains and declining health as a “normal” part of aging.

But you don’t have to. You can be proactive and give your body what it needs to fight those aging signs. You can douse inflammation at the cellular level, giving yourself a second chance to do the things you love to do.

Imagine picking up a tennis racket and playing a few matches. Imagine spending a few hours digging in the garden without your back flaring up. Picture yourself back on your bike, cycling without joint pain.    

Imagine picking up a book … and realize you’re reading it without glasses!

How would it feel to have extra energy in the afternoon? Or not struggle to recall names, dates and where you left your keys?

For many people, this youthful reawakening has become a reality thanks to Regenurex astaxanthin. So take our 30-Day challenge and see what happens. You have nothing to lose!

Take the 30-Day challenge, risk free!




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