Astaxanthin and Regenurex FAQs

Q. Regenurex, seems to work on so many different things – joints, muscles, eyes, brain etc. How is that possible?

A. Regenurex contains Astaxanthin (asta-zan-thin) which is the world’s most powerful antioxidant. It removes free radicals which cause oxidative stress that is associated with inflammation. Inflammation is at the root of many age-related illnesses. Sometimes, inflammation prevents the body’s normal healing processes from taking place. If you can reduce inflammation, often the body will heal itself. It also crosses the blood brain barrier and blood retinal barrier which many other supplements cannot do. That’s why Regenurex seems to help with so many unrelated conditions. Those conditions all have a common underlying cause – inflammation – and Regenurex helps with that.

Q. What dosage do you recommend?

 A. We recommend taking between 1-3 softgels per day. Therefore, a bottle of 120 softgels will last between 1-4 months.

Q. Is there a maximum safe dose?

A. In the US the maximum allowable daily dose is 12 mg, which is three softgels. Some high level athletes take higher doses, when they are competing or doing strenuous training. There are no harmful side effects in any of the safety studies performed on Astaxanthin.

Q. Should I start with the full dosage?

A. Antioxidants eliminate free radicals, which means that initially your body will have more waste to eliminate. There have been a few cases where people started with a high dose and then experienced some loosening of the bowels. This hasn’t happened often, but as a precaution we suggest taking 1 softgel per day for the first few days, then 2 capsules per day for a week and then continuing to increase, if needed.

Q. How do I know Regenurex is safe?

A. Astaxanthin, which is the active ingredient in Regenurex, is listed in Canada’s Natural Health Product Monograph for Antioxidants, which means that it has been approved as being safe for consumption by Health Canada. In the US, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted natural astaxanthin GRAS status based on two brand applications. GRAS stands for Generally Recognized as Safe. Astaxanthin was approved for sale in the US as a dietary supplement in 1999. Regenurex derives the astaxanthin from a certain type of algae called Haematacoccus pluvialis, which is present in small doses nearly everywhere there is water. If you leave a container outside with water in it, a green ring will eventually appear. This is likely H. pluvialis. This algae is present in small doses on anything that grows outside or in the water. So, humans (and other life forms before us) have been eating algae almost since there was life on earth.

Q. Can’t I just get all the Astaxanthin I need from food?

A. If everything you ate was grown outside in completely natural conditions, you might. You’d get a little bit from everything you eat. But most of the food we eat is grown in controlled conditions, without the presence of algae, so it contains very little or no astaxanthin at all.

Q. Which foods are naturally high in Astaxanthin?

A. Some seafood like wild caught salmon, shrimp and krill are particularly high in it. But farmed salmon has very little natural astaxanthin. Why? Wild salmon eat a lot of algae either directly or by eating things that have eaten algae. Farmed salmon eat feed which does not contain much, if any algae. You might be interested to know that astaxanthin is a deep red color and is the reason why wild salmon, shrimp, lobster and flamingos are pink. Farmed salmon, which is grown on processed feed, has a more grey color. Salmon farmers solve this by feeding the salmon a synthetic astaxanthin, derived from petrochemicals which makes the salmon pink but which doesn’t seem to have the same health benefits for humans, or for the fish themselves!!

Q. How much wild salmon would I need to eat to get a 12 mg daily amount of astaxanthin?

A. About 16 ounces a day or 3-4 servings of salmon. That’s a lot of salmon!

Q. When should Regenurex be taken?

A. We recommend taking it in the morning or early afternoon. It seems to be a bit of a mild stimulant, so if you take it in the morning, you may find you have more energy during the day. Then, when bedtime comes you will likely find you are more tired than usual – you will feel like you have done a day of physical labour. Then you will likely sleep longer and deeper than usual. Many people take it just for the improvement of sleep. But be careful, if you take it later in the day or close to bedtime, you might find it keeps you awake instead.

Q. How should Renerurex be taken?

A. It is more easily absorbed into the body if it is taken with some sort of oil or fat. Examples of food that is high in oil or fat would include, avocado, olive oil, yoghurt, dairy, cheese, cod liver oil, bacon. You should be able to find something that you already eat that would do the trick.

Q. Are there any conditions where a person should be extra careful about taking it?

A. Yes, one that we know of. We have heard some reports of it lowering high blood pressure. In one instance we know of, blood pressure actually went from high to low (which also isn’t good for you). We recommend that if you have high blood pressure you consult with your doctor and introduce the product into your diet very gradually while monitoring your blood pressure under doctor’s supervision. This is especially important if you are on medication to lower your blood pressure.

Q. How quickly can I expect to see results?

A. Some people feel a difference in as little as a week. Most people feel a difference within a month. Unlike pharmaceuticals that can start working within a day or two, astaxanthin bioaccumulates in the body. Regular supplementation will build up adequate levels in the body over a couple of weeks. We have had some people who have taken it for long periods and not felt any different but then were told by their doctor that their condition seemed to have improved based on blood tests. It is hard to predict how it will affect any individual. And some people don't notice anything until they stop taking it and realize that symptoms they had forgotten about suddenly return.

Q. Are there any tests that I could take to see whether it is working for me?

A. A common test that is taken as part of common blood work is a test for C Reactive Protein. This is a test that shows how much inflammation is in your system. We have heard that people found their test results for C Reactive Protein have improved after taking the product.

Q. How much science has been done to confirm that this stuff works?

A. We have included links to studies that have been conducted on astaxanthin. But honestly, no one has conducted the types of studies that would normally be done for a new drug to get FDA approval? Why not? Well astaxanthin is a natural compound and so can’t be patented. Without patent protection, no one has a financial incentive to prove it works. However, the amount of scientific studies on astaxanthin is significant as there are over 200 reports in scientific journals.

Q. How can I be sure it will work for me? How can I be sure it is safe for me?

A. You won’t know for sure if it is right for you until you take it. If you have any concerns about taking the product you should consult your doctor. But it is important you ask your doctor the right questions. If you ask them if this will help you with any particular condition, they will probably tell you that the research is not conclusive. But if you ask them if it is safe to take the product, they will almost certainly say yes, after all, it is just algae.

Q. I have a fish or shellfish allergy, can I still take Regenurex?

A. Yes. Nothing in our product is derived from fish or shellfish, our all natural product is made from fresh water algae. However, people may experience an allergic reaction if they have allergies or sensitivity to any of the ingredients in Regenurex. Always use caution when trying something new to be sure it is safe for you.

Q. Do you offer a money back guarantee?

A. Yes. We want you to try it. We offer a 60 day money back guarantee. Try it for two months as recommended, and if you aren’t satisfied for any reason, we’ll give you your money back.

Q. Is this covered by any insurance plans?

A. We understand it is covered by insurance plans that include Naturopath prescriptions. Interestingly, the insurance company Humana has included astaxanthin (4 mg softgel) in their list of covered drugs in Florida.

Q. Why haven’t I heard of this before?

A. Astaxanthin (the active ingredient) has been around in nature since the beginning of time, but the algae is difficult to grow in large amounts. It has been available as a dietary supplement for about 15 years, but there is only enough grown for about 1 million people to consume out of the 7 billion people on the planet. Because there is a limited supply, the larger supplement makers don’t always carry it. With a limited supply, there is no reason for companies to spend much on education & advertising.

Q. How is Regenurex different from other brands of Astaxanthin?

A. We grow our microalgae from a local strain of H. pluvialis in pure mountain water in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. We grow the algae in above ground photobioreactors (stainless steel tanks with artificial lights) so that we can control the conditions in which the algae grow and keep them healthy and free of contamination. Some other brands grow their algae outside in large ponds or in glass tubes. We think we are able to produce a more consistent product because we can fully control the conditions. We use a mild extraction process which we call “Cold Infused” – which uses a vegetable oil to gently extract the astaxanthin from the algae at moderate temperatures. We do not use harsh chemicals in this process. Other brands need to dehydrate the algae first and extract their astaxanthin using a process call Super Critical CO2 (Carbon dioxide) in which they blast the algae with liquid CO2 (elevated temperature and pressure). Some astaxanthin in China is extracted using solvents such as ethyl acetate or acetone as part of the extraction process. We think the natural extraction process is better. We compare our natural extraction methods versus other chemical or solvent based extraction methods as being like the difference between fresh squeezed orange juice vs orange juice from concentrate. When it comes to food and supplements, alive and natural is better than dehydrated and chemical.

Q. Does Regenurex have an aftertaste?

A. No. Some brands have an unpleasant odor or a fish like taste, and some people find that they tend to “regurgitate” that taste after eating it. Regenurex has no real odour or taste.

Q. What if I have other questions?

A. Please give us a ring. We’ll try to help. If you have a question that we think others might have as well, we’ll add it to our FAQ.

Thanks for reading.